sintered wire mesh

Lawrence Sintered Metals 5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh is made up of a sintered cloth that includes a single layer of fine woven mesh kept between double layers of coarser square woven mesh that is then placed between double layers of strong Dutch woven mesh and finally sintered together to produce a high strength plate. A single layer of fine woven mesh acts as a filtration layer that can be made to meet the specific filtration rating varying from one micron to 200 microns. It is normally made from special alloys or stainless steel grades.

This type of sintered mesh laminate has many applications in the several industries such as pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical powder processing, liquid and gas filtration, fluidized beds, chemical processing, food & beverage and transportation.  There are many properties of our 5-Layer sintered mesh, which include high strength, it has great resistance to pressure by reinforced 4th and 5th layers, it contains industrial standard filter plates that have proven for chemical use.  It also has resistance against heat and corrosion.  The mesh layers of the filter cannot be changed easily because of the double security layers and sintering.

Some applications that use our 5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh include cross flow filtration, analytical devices, polymer filtration, oil filtration, gas filtration, hot gas filtration, fuel and hydraulic oil filtration, medical equipment, aerosols, and gas-liquid separation. Lawrence Sintered Metals has an extensive expertise of the product and delivery of industrial filtration products.

Lawrence Sintered Metals offers a 5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh to the oil and gas industry for use in refineries and other filtration needs with perforated metal for use in oil wells as sand control screens.

These layers generally consist of 316L stainless steel wire mesh , but special alloys such as Hastelloy®, Monel®, Inconel®, Alloy 20 etc. can be incorporated as well.  Our standard size is a 2’x4′ or 4’x4′ sheet, but different size discs, tubes, larger sheets and cones can be fabricated.

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