18x18 Mesh .017" Wire .039" Opening 48.3% OA

Wire Mesh Punching for Your Filtering Needs

If your business requires precise filtering, then you must depend heavily on the quality and accuracy of your filtration devices. For many companies, their filtration system includes wire mesh. Depending on the location of the mesh and the size of the openings, mesh can be used to filter out large debris or even tiny particulates. […]

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Decorative Brass Wire Mesh for a New Look in your Home

Brass is a beautiful metal and it can enhance the look and feel of your home.   Think about the possibilities for decorating windows, cabinets and railings.   A nice new look for your home and added security. Enhance your window projects with decorative wire mesh that suit any project and any décor! If you are unsure […]

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Is Now the Best Time to Start Planning Your Spring Garden

We are in the dead middle of winter, so there’s no reason to start thinking about your spring garden, and protecting the garden with wire mesh, right? Not so fast. Now might actually be the perfect time to start thinking green, even if everything outside looks deader than a doornail. After the rush of the […]

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Why Wire Mesh Is a Smart Choice for Architects

An architect is both a builder and an artist. He or she must create something unique, beautiful, and intuitive while also making it safe, sound, and strong. Wire mesh is a highly versatile tool that can help architects be both artist and builder. It allows you to express your creativity and can also be used […]

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4x4 Mesh .032" Wire Welded .218" Opening 76.0% OA

A Review of Wire Mesh Weaves

Before you put in an order for wire mesh, you’ll need to decide what kind of weave you want. A weave refers to the way the wires are connected together to form the mesh. Different weaves offer unique characteristics to the wire mesh and can affect factors like the mesh’s strength and durability. That’s why […]

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2x2 Mesh .0632x2 Mesh .063" Wire .437" Opening 76.4% OA

What Is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

Here at Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer wire mesh in a variety of different alloys, but our most popular metal is stainless steel. What is stainless steel, and why does it make such an excellent wire mesh option? We’re going to explore that question in this article so that you can make a more informed […]

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24x24 Mesh .014" Wire .028" Opening 44.2% OA

Why You Need to Worry About Pests in Winter

Winter is now officially here. While in many parts of the country the trees are beginning to change color and put on a glorious show, the cold weather isn’t too far behind. We humans can stay cozy by building fires, snuggling into thick sweaters, or just turning on the heat. All the critters of the […]

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Wire Mesh Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is on its way, and so is the holiday decoration frenzy! Already, Christmas displays are popping up in major retails stores. If you really want to trick out your home for Christmas in a unique, special way, consider creating your own decorations. Let’s look at why you might want to consider making your own […]

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